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Business and work Immigration

Hermes apply group possessing a valid license from the ministry of labor No. 52009, opportunities abroad and obtaining work visas for job seekers.


Another service of Hermes is applying for immigration through investment. This is a very popular immigration method for many people. the process of migrating through investment is much easier than other methods and takes less time.


Hermes Apply group has always successfully registered many cases in the field of obtaining work and permanent residence visas and is also working tirelessly to obtain the satisfaction of our dear compatriots.

Study immigration

Our company, with several years of experience in the field of consulting for sending students around the world to the best universities in the world, is ready to accept any academic services.

How to trust us

The Immigration Process is very important, because people who want to immigrate plan all their life and financial plans based on this event, so finding an immigration agency that protects your interests and commits to completing your immigration process successfully is difficult. 

Karbin International Job Recruitment agency under the brand name “Hermes Apply” with a valid license number 52009 under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Labor, Cooperation and Social Welfare, following all the policies of this ministry, is trying to start your immigration process with confidence.


All contracts concluded in this institute are contracts of the Ministry of Labor, Cooperation and Social Welfare.


Hermes Apply Institute, as the only immigration institution in cooperation with Iran Insurance, ensures and covers all employment contracts of individuals and, and in case of any problems and non-issuance of visas, our clients receive all costs from insurance company.

Strongest executive team

Hermes Institute is active in the field of immigration to countries such as Germany, Canada, Australia, Turkey Etc. And in this regard has a very strong executive team.

The implementation team of Hermes Apply and Immigration Lawyers in Iran and in the target, countries has made the migration route much easier.

With the tireless efforts of the Hermes Apply executive team, over 76% of the cases succeed in obtaining visas.

Insure your immigration

Carbin International Job Search with official license from the Ministry of Labor, Cooperation and Social Welfare with license number 52009.

as the first and only institution in Iran in cooperation with Iran Insurance, insures all your work migration contracts.

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